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First Ciabatta

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Tom Krein

First Ciabatta

I'm like most people, I LOVE homemade bread straight out of the oven with real butter. I like it with apple butter, or jelly. I like it plain... Its just so good and the smell is the best part.

I have been facinated with bread making and artisian, rustic types of bread for a good long time. I think I have 15 or more bread books. It fascinates me!

Last week I finally decided to try and make some rustic bread... I mixed up a poolish on Thursday. Yesterday I made bread!


Here is a picture of my Ciabatta.  I still have a long way to go on properly shaping my loaves, but they sure tasted good!

Here is a shot of the inside...


I look forward to your comments!






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Tom Krein

I guess this probably should have gone under the Artisian section....  hopefully this is okay.  Still learning my way around the forum.



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And it's asking me for a password when I hit refresh.  Strange.


LOL, I'm curious to see improperly shaped ciabatta.  I think the name itself indicates that it's a rather shapeless bread!

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Tom Krein

Sorry, I'll try and figure out how to host the pics and then post them.  I tried hosting them on my web site, but it didn't work.


I think I got the hosting fixed.



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Nice job!  Bread is a miracle in so many ways! 

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The Bread looks good..  What recipe did you use?  Could you post it?


Thank You -

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I've been thinking about trying the Cibatta recipe in BBA, you may have inspired me to start a poolish for it tonight!