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My busy day and a question

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My busy day and a question


Exhaustion has set in, but I have lots of bread to keep me company.

Here is a sample of my baking today.

  • 2 loaves of banana bread - a bit darker than normal, but I used glass pans for the first time, still wonderful
  • 14 of Norm's Onion rolls - always yummy
  • 1 loaf and 11 rolls of the Wild Rice and Onion Bread - broke in my banneton!
  • 30 sour dough English Muffins using the KA recipe - first time for these.  WOW the taste!  Need to invest in a better biscuit cutter though.  Don't think I will ever be buying an English Muffin again.  They are incredible right off the stove, but split and toasted with butter and raspberry jam, OMG!!!!!

I do have one question about the Wild Rice and Onion Bread.  This is my second try at these.  The taste is awesome, but I was wondering about the texture.  Mine are not hockey pucks, but they are fairly dense.  Is this the nature of the dough or am I doing something wrong?  First time out I only made rolls.  This time I split the dough and made one loaf and the rest rolls.  I haven't cut into the loaf yet to see if it is as dense as the rolls. 

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Wow - you either have a big family or a big freezer!  Great looking breads!

I baked the wild rice/onion bread last night.  I always add extra water as the dehydrated onions seem to absorb a lot of moisture. 

I don't have bread pans so I shaped two batards.  It's not the open crumb that I get with my sourdoughs, but it's still a light and soft crumb.


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Matt H

Homemade English muffins are da bomb.