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Advice on Commercial Proofing Boxe/Cabinet

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Advice on Commercial Proofing Boxe/Cabinet

Hi everyone,

I have a question regarding the use of commercial proofing boxes/cabinets such as these . I live in the tropics (Malaysia) and the atmospheric conditions make it difficult to standardize the production of bread, so I was considering getting a proofing box to ferment and rise my dough in. My question is, are proofing boxes made for the final rise after the bread has been shaped or are they used for fermenting the dough as well?

Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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is limited to one week, total.  However, proofers (more often in the form of a cabinet than a box) are used for both the bulk ferment and the final ferment after shaping.


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Hi Jomuj

normally the bulk fermentation is done in a container that will have enough room to allow for the expansion of that dough. IT can be stainless steel plastic or whatever, it will need to be able to have a coverto help prevent the dough from skining. As amateurs we often use gladwrap but if you choose a plastic bucket that has a lid then that is ideal.

When you have completed your bulk fermentation phase and divide your dough pieces up you can then use an intermediate prover, do your first hand up and put the dough pieces in the prover allow time for relaxation  (the dough not you) and then after that you can shape your dough piece they can then go back into your prover.

There are basicly 2 types of  provers, i am refering to a non heated non steam prover for the above just an enclosure really. such as a set of drawers lined with linen or a plastic or wooden box.all depending on the size of your bake.

What you are doing is really creating a draft free environment and as long as the area provided is not to large compared to the amount that is going into it then it will create its own atmosphere with the expiration of gas and moisture

A final prover can have both heat and low amount of steam that will assist the dough to rise.

both the INTERMEDIATE AND FINAL PROVERS are fairly easy to replicate especially if you are baking on our scale.

Regards Yozza