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12 inch pullman loaf pan

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12 inch pullman loaf pan

Hi, I want to get a pullman loaf pan, 12 inch or so (which seems to be the "standard" size of the sandwich loaf size), maybe 5 inch wide, and 4 inch or so deep. Thing is, all the pans I can find seem to be nonstick, which I don't like using. Any ideas where I can buy a stainless steel pullman pan of said dimensions? Thanks!

P.S. If not pullman, an "ordinary" loaf pan would work too. I can figure out some way to cover it...

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Fantes has some pullman pans with a silicon glaze which would not be the same as a teflon type no-stick. Here's a link:



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This is what happened when I tried to substitute a top for my pan before I bought a proper Pullman.......


This was with the proper pan, ;-)))

I have no problem with my Pullman pan , It's Chicago Metal and the loaf comes out easy as winking. I just spray with Pam.qahtan

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I got a 13 x 4 x 4 from King Arthur Flour and I love it. I've been using it every week! I thought the 13 might be a bit large, but if you are making sandwiches and french toast, the loaf goes fast! 

Here's one that is similar:

Mine has no coating too, it's just metal. I havn't had a problem with sticking either.

My two cents.....

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Oe of my biggest issues with Pullman pans is paying $30+ for them!! So I found one at . Their prices are EXCELLENT and the customer service is INCREDIBLE!! I had planned to order mine and had to go to New Mexico for 3 months but believe me, as soon as I get settled in the apartment, I WILL be ordering it!!!