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Hello from the central Oregon Coast

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Hello from the central Oregon Coast

Hello from the central Oregon Coast. Have been baking bread on and off for 30 some years but now am doing it on a more regular basis.This a great site and from what I've seen (been lurking forever) most are very friendly. A great balance of pros and amateurs. TFL is a fantastic resource.


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Postal Grunt

is that somebody is always baking something that they're willing to talk about and show off in pictures. There's a lot of encouragement and information at hand on this site. Welcome to the neighborhood.

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From a neighbour in the boonies near Toledo. I am mainly a lurker too. I have baked bread since I arrived from the UK over 30 years ago & tasted the 'bread" in American stores.

I have learned more from this site than from all those years baking and from a whole library of books!  Patsy

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Hi, BoilerBay.

Welcome to TFL!

You live in one of my favorite parts of the world.

So, what kinds of bread do you like to bake?


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Thank you David,

It is a good place to live and we just time the rise with the tides. :)

As far as baking -- nothing too fancy. Stiratos, Classic French (lean - pain ordinaire) and Country French (campagne/poolish)  and some seasonal holiday stuff. Do have a fondness for Pain au chocolat. Visited a fair sample of boulangers throughout France in my youth and caught the bug.

Don't know if my wasteline can stand much more T-55 taste chasing.

Starting to experiment with some whole-grain 9 grain stuff.

This is a good site



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Hello Boiler Bay!

Greetings from the part of Oregon that is really part of Idaho!  i do my baking here in Vale, and am hoping it will be warm enough soon to start baking outside with the bbq grill again.  i really hope to start experimenting with our local products, Potatoes and Onion.

Happy baking!

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Welcome, Oregon is a great place to live and bake I have discovered this site about a month ago, love it there is so much info here that one can not digest it all, I live in Portland OR well actually across the river in the couve, Vancouver WA, last summer I started building my WFO in the back yard and ever since have ben hooked on baking bread. this site has tought me lots. I hope you have fun here.