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Greetings From Pennsylvania

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Greetings From Pennsylvania

Hello all,

I've been lurking and learning these past few days, and decided to come out of the woodwork :) I've been baking bread on and off since I was a kid, and flirting with sourdough for a couple of years. I have a short attention span, it seems, because I'm always flitting from recipe to recipe, and haven't taken the time to thoroughly learn one or two basic recipes by heart, or gotten scientific about it. So I've made a lot of mediocre bread, with the occasional startling success. And the more than occasional brick.

So, here's hoping that I can learn some much-needed discipline from you lovely folks!

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You will find enough here to keep you occupied for a long time, and it's a great community.  It's the perfect place to learn and share, and even comiserate over our failures.  I've baked my share of bricks myself.  We all have, and still do from time to time, so fear not! There are very knowledgable, generous bakers here that will help you figure out what, and how to try to fix it.  As for discipline though, I think you are on your own. :) Welcome!


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Hi, Recluse.

Welcome to TFL!

If "discipline" means precisely measuring ingredients and practicing mis en place, most of us can at least offer advice. Some of us can offer good examples. Some are opposed to such compulsive exactitude on principle.

Whatever your preferred style, you'll find companions.


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Thanks for the welcome!

Mostly I need to learn not to tinker with a recipe before I've made it as written at least once or twice. My creative impulses tend to exceed my level of skill and experience.

I have recently acquired a decent kitchen scale, and am looking forward to using it :)

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Mini Oven

Wow, look out when you skills and experience catch up!  Scales... sounds like you're set to go.  Now where to start?  What do your creative impulses tell you?  Then we'll help you back up a step or two.