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Problems getting a whole page of posts to load

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Problems getting a whole page of posts to load

First, This is a very good site and I appreciate you folks putting it up and maintaining it.

My problem is, whenever there is a topic that has more then 12 or 13 posts, the page stops in the middle of post 11 or so. The stuff on both sides loads but the posts stop before the end.

I'm using Opera 10.10 on a windows vista (which I hate) machine and am on dial up.

Should I download Firefox and try that? I'd rather not use IE if I don't have to. Any other suggestions are welcome.

I don't get on-line very often during the week, so if I don't reply I'm not ignoring you, I'm just not here.

Thank you for your time.


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No, it probably isn't your browser, it is likely the dial-up.  Less than 2% of site traffic comes in over dial-up any more so I've optimized the site for broadband.  You could try using which is stripped down a bit lighter and is what I use when I read the site on my Kindle.


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and the only thread I couldn't load was the one about the new server.


So, it looks like, until I break down and join the 21st century and go high speed, I'll go there for ones over 12 posts.


Thank you for the help.

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Hi Pete,

You might give Google's Chrome a try.  It's sleeker and faster than Firefox.  You're very wise to stay as far away from IE as possible.

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loading a large page with many pictures.  Often, the pictures got loaded half way then stopped.  Can't do anything other than clicking the "refresh" button.  If there are A LOT of pictures I have to hit the refresh button a few times before I can see all of them.  Never have problems with text though.  Al