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excess dough

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excess dough

when i make bread in the bakery and make more dough than i need, can i store it?

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I frequently freeze extra dough, especially pizza dough. Don't keep it too long, though. Two months is probably the extreme.

David G.

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Postal Grunt

Some bakers will mix up a slightly large batch of dough with the idea of saving some for the next batch or for the next day. It's been called the old dough method and pate fermentee alike. If you plan on baking within six or so hours, you just need to gently degas the dough and cover it with plastic wrap to keep it from drying out.

I've found that I could take some excess dough, gently degas it, and put it into a spray oiled container that went into the fridge. The next day I took it out about an hour before mixing it into that day's dough. It does need to be cut up into small pieces before you mix it in, especially if you're kneading by hand. If you're not baking for a few days, you can freeze that dough as David G suggested. Just thaw it out before attempting to use it.

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I don't mind freezing pizza dough too much but I really don't like to freeze bread dough. Freezing kills a lot of yeast and the end result doesn't feel right to me. Better to bake it and freeze the bread IMO or do as Postal Grunt sugggests and simply hold it to use the next day. 

But you can always try freezing it and see if you like the results!