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Diego's Caprese Boule

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Diego's Caprese Boule

This is my Caprese Boule, I most say I am very happy with the result, its my wettest dough so far, hardest to deal with (I am a newby after all) but the best bread so far. Super crunchy crust. nice aromatic crum.


2 cups of Bread Flour

2/3 cup of all purpouse

1/3 cup of white cornmeal

1 1/4 tsp of yeast

1 cup of water 90F

1/4 cup of tomato sauce

3/8 cup of basil (crushed dried)

2 Tbsp cream cheese

1 1/2 tsp Salt

1 Tbsp sugar


- Mixed all 3 cups of flour with salt on your usual bowl. 

- prepare the yeast with 1/4 cup of water @  90F add the sugar (wait 10 min)

- create an opening in the middle of the flour

- Mix the yeast with the rest of the water and the basil

- get the liquid mix in the flour opening

- mix all together with a wooden spoon

- Let autolyce for 20 min.

- Fold (or try to, its very very wet) for some 20 min

- 1st rise for 90 min

- fold for 15 to 20 more min

- 2nd rise for 60 min on flat surface covered with the bowl.

- punch and fold, form and place on top of your  (covered with cornmeal)sheet

- sprinkle all purpouse flour on top of the Boule (this i just learn on a video, i was really frustrated with the clean look of my bread tops, i wanted the white rustic finish you get from a baker, this trick does it).

- rest for 30 min

- oven @ 500 1 cup of hot water at the bottom pan

- place bread in. 5 min lower temp to 400

20 min latter lower temp to 350

cook till internal temp is 200.






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This sounds delicious! Can you post a photo of it?

I take it the cream cheese is softened so it is adds like butter, yes? What have you paired this with at the table? Does the bread appear pink or light red? What an interesting recipe, thank you.


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Thanks Eric,

I just posted the pics.

Yes the cream cheese worked fine it was softened but I thought about using tomato so 2 italian ideas came to my mind, one tomato oregano ( I did an oregano bread a couple of days ago) the other .... Capresa salad i said, ok besides tomato what is inside a capresa, basil and cheese, i had basil but i didnt have mozzarela, honestly i didnt fell to confortable with using whole cheeses yet, so i thought about the cream, its body is really similar to butter and has a lot of fat.

I paired with a European salted butter.

The color was just a little darker than my previous loaves, not red do.


Thanks for your comments,


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I enjoyed your creative thought process. You are thinking with your eyes so to speak. I described your idea to my teen daughter yesterday and she said "ummm, sounds good".  I'm a big fan of savory breads and am always looking for interesting combination's to try. Thanks for sharing.


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Many thanks Eric, its very encouraging, I will keep you posted with any new idea. At this point I am a little frustrated with the size of crumbs and air pockets on my bread, no matter how long they rise the pockets are really small as you can see on my pics.

but I do have a couple of nice ideas, keep you posted.