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My Attempt of a French Dimpled Rolls

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My Attempt of a French Dimpled Rolls

My attempt of french dimpled rolls last night , I would say turn out ok.  But I felt that I had to proof longer,  this is one thing I can't seem to get it right. The dough is a little dense, or is the roll suppose to be like that??

I went into a bakery to buy their rolls just to compare,  there's lots more holes,  the rolls felt much lighter.  As for the taste,  it was a little more salty than what I normally like,  I'd probably reduce it.  

For more details,  see attached.

French Dimpled Rolls


French Dimpled Rolls - Baked


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They look great. I always take the aprouch of live and learn.

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Thanks for the encouragement Korish.  Wow your bread looks good,  with the WFO.  Definitely my dream to own one....

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Don Bigote

The dough recipe and baking procedure is hardly different from what many use for making pandesal (salt bread) minus the rolling in breadcrumbs.  Dense buns are common among early attempts.. including mine.  In the end, the solution is as you have already guessed - longer proofing.