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How do you upload a photo here? sorry for the stupid question

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How do you upload a photo here? sorry for the stupid question


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Posting photos FAQ:

 These steps from poster Debra Wink have also been said to be very helpful:"

  1. Click on the tree symbol (next to HTML at the top of the comment box) and the Insert/edit image box will appear.

  2. Click on the little symbol to the right of the Image URL field and the File Browser box will pop up.

  3. Click on Upload at the top of this box, and a File field will appear.

  4. Click on Browse to the right of the file field and the Chose File to Upload window will open.

  5. Find and highlight the image file you wish to upload and click Open. This will take you back to the File Browser box.

  6. Click the Upload button (right next to the Browse button).

  7. Now the file should be listed in the file browser box. Click on it to highlight it, and then click Send to Editor at the top of this box. This will take you back to the Insert/edit image box.

  8. Click Insert, and your image will appear in your edit window where your cursor was last positioned (but you'll have to use the preview feature to see how it will look in your posted message).

There is also a Help button in the top left corner of the File Browser box with tips and alternate ways to do things that you might find helpful."

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Can we use thumbnail images hosted at a site like, or is the forum limited to directly uploaded images?

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I use Photobucket exclusively.  

If you look at the menu bar in the TFL comment box, you'll see a little tree next to the 'HTML" tag on the far right.

Click it, complete the image URL (I copy Photobucket's direct link), choose the alignment, then click the insert button.

Practice it a few times, using the preview mode.  You'll get the hang of it.

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