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Banh Mi bread?

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Banh Mi bread?

Do you have a recipe and have you ever made banh mi bread?

I believe it's half rice flour and half wheat flour but beyond that I haven't found a recipe that people say is really a good one.

Love the banh mi sandwiches very much and want to make some.



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While I haven't tried her Banh Mi baguette recipe yet, everything I've made from Andrea Nguyen's sites have been very successful. She puts a lot of work into her recipe development. Note, she specifically mentions she prefers not to use rice flour and explains why.

Check out her Asian Dumpling Tips site too!


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We serve bahn mi sandwiches at the deli/bakery where I bake.  Originally we experimented with vietnamese baguettes (good luck finding recipes).  I can tell you that a 50% rice flour mix is probably too much - we settled on 30%.  Rice flour, if you've ever used it, takes a long, long time to accept water, so you will need to extend your normal mixing times or else you're going to find yourself with a 'grainy' dough (almost like there's sand in it).

Ultimately we ended up ditching the vietnamese baguette in favor of poolish baguettes which are much more flavorable.

Good luck!

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This is one more on my long to do list but here is a link for a Bank Mi recipe:

I found another recipe on a French blog but it is written in French.

Good luck.


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Here's a couple of hint with your experiment. Don't add sugar to yeast because it cause the bread to give a sour taste. Second, don't use rice flour.

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Hi there,

There is a Banh Mi recipe that I have been working with for quite some time already. It has shown stable success: Super airy loaves with crispy crust and moist little white crumb. Of course not as super as the store bought Banh Mi, anyhow, the best I can reproduce at homemade level.

Detail about the instruction (which is too long to exlain and retype here) can be found here in my blog post: or here in one thread of my in TFL:

If you are interested, kindly follow on the link. This is not spam in any way, I have spend a lot of time and effort on my posts.

Anyhow, I have had great results with this recipe for quite some times already, and I am a Vietnamese. :) So, good luck with Banh Mi.