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As least sour as possible

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As least sour as possible

Can someone reccomend a recepe for a sourdough bread with the following restrictions:

1. As least sour as possible

2. No comm. yeast

3. WF

4. As least sour as possible!

5. Easy to make, but may take long waiting time

6.Will work for WW as well.

7. As least sour as possible!!!!!


I am planning to come up with a recepe which I can make a small bread daily; since baking is my hobby I prefer the least amount of work, but don't mide waiting time. If more work will provide better result I will choose more work.


thank you in advance,



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It is probably different from starter to starter, but with my starter, when I make dough for a sweet application I make a ferment in a warm environment and use it as soon as it is bubbly..  the shorter the time the dough is fermenting the less sour it would be.. 

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I'd suggest Susan's Simple Sourdough.  You can find her post about it here:

It starts with a very small amount of starter and makes one loaf.  It ferments in the fridge allowing flexibility in the scheduling.  Doesn't have much of a strong sour flavor, at least not in my attempt.  It is small enough that you can bake it often and do lots of experimentation.  If you like your results with the basic formula you can start to change hydration, flour types, adding other ingredients.

If you want more info on it just do a search on this site, there have been several people to try it and there is lots of info on it.

Good luck in your search.