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49 users online!

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49 users online!

Is this a record?


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I'm not sure.  That is quite a bit of activity.

219 anonymous users is also quite high.  I'll try to look at web stats in a bit a see if there is a noticeable spike in traffic today.


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compete and quantcast say the highest traffic was April of last year, though the latest free states are November.

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I did put it on reddit as a comment as one of the best bread/baking sites!

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the apprentice

I haven't been using the site for long, but I like it so far. There are so many resources here; it's great! I think that with a few tweaks this can become a very successful website. Perhaps some contests would help create a tighter community and more people would stay for a long time?

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Welcome to TFL.

After you have been around for another week or two, if you pay very close attention, you may get the idea that we feel TFL is already "a very successful website." You might even get the notion it is already a pretty well-functioning community, say compared to any number of cities, countries, work places or families I've known.

You've been here two weeks. I've been here about 2 years. A number of very active members have been here longer than I and helped me get started baking really good breads when I first joined. Some old time members have gone away for a while due to pressing obligations, generally, and come back when they could.

What I'm trying to say, as nicely as I can, is: Get a clue!



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the apprentice

David, I apologize if my post came across the wrong way. I'm not saying there is anything wrong with TFL. But what is wrong with making suggestions for making it even better than it is? There is no improvement in life without first analyzing what can be improved. IOW, lighten up! It doesn't matter how long anyone has been here. We are all here to have fun and make bread!

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du calme everybody...

apprentice, welcome to TFL.

As you can see, we have a great community with a lot of long-time members that have been around since years ago. Some folks come and go as their schedules and daily lives may pull them away, and then some come back after absenses.

It's a pretty strong group already, but if you have an idea for a specific contest by all means you're welcome to share the ideas. If you've only been around for a couple of weeks, you should know that Floyd, who runs the website, is currently NOT going to have time to think up new stuff because someone came in and suggested something vaguely, as he's been absolutely swamped putting in 18 hour workdays for Mercy Corps with the Haiti earthquake, so he's not exactly overflowing with idle time to come up with games and contests. He and I had talked about some sort of giveaway before Christmas, but then it hit busy season for folks that work for charities so that's been tabled for now until we have more time to figure out what might be fun.

So, having said that, we're not exactly up for coming up with new contests, logistics of what it would involve and so forth, but if you have more than a vague request for "more entertainment", by all means share it.


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Your statement that

I think that with a few tweaks this can become a very successful website.

implies that TFL is not already "a very successful website." I think it is.

And your wanting members to "stick around" seems in conflict with your subsequent statement that

It doesn't matter how long anyone has been here. 

Duration of membership does not convey any particular virtue. That was not my point. However, I do think that you have not been around here long enough to judge how good or bad the "community" is or to know whether members tend to "stick around" or not.

Suggestions for improvement are certainly always in order. Certainly we all would agree on that.

I am passionate about bread and about the TFL community. I don't think I'll "lighten up" any time soon.

If you joined to learn about bread baking, to have a source for good advice for improving your baking and solving your problems, for sharing your enthusiasm and showing off your breads, you came to the right place. Welcome!

If you joined to fix what isn't broken, I do take offense.

So, you have my conditional apology.


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I think that with a few tweaks this can become a very successful website.

Guess what, apprentice?  It already is a very successful website.

You've described yourself as a n00b bread baker;  a So Cal barista who is about to earn a degree in marketing.  You joined TFL less than 20 days ago and have appointed yourself as arbiter of the content and community, suggesting we have contests to "make it better."

Better by whose standards?

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the apprentice

Apparently this place isn't very open to suggestions... I have been a member of many online communities over the years, but this is the first time I have come under attack for simply making suggestions for improvement. I just thought that those who are running the site might like to hear what I think about it as a new member. They are already going to have a good concept for what the long-timers feel about the site. The content of this thread suggested to me that those who are running the site want to see this place flourish and grow. I simply threw out a vague suggestion for something that might help in that goal. Perhaps being vague was my mistake.

Interpret my words how you want, but remember what they say about making assumptions. Here is another suggestion: If you refrain from being hostile to new members, then they will be more willing to stick around. In fact, be kind to them and they will want to stick around. I never claimed to know more than anyone here. I apologize if it came across that way. I expressed an opinion. That is what online communities are built upon: the expression and sharing of opinions and ideas.

LindyD, you seem to be interested in my background. Let me explain myself further so that we don't have any misunderstandings. I attend a business college in California. Our way of life here is very fast-moving and we are constantly looking for ways of self-improvement. So when someone here points out to another person a way that they can improve, we do not take offence. We thank them for it. I do not expect you to do the same. I just want to explain where I come from and why I may come across differently to you than what I am trying to express. I have not appointed myself arbiter by making a suggestion. If you disagree with my opinion, then you can state your disagreement without personally attacking me.

You long-timers are a part of what makes this a great website. You have been baking for much longer than I have and I appreciate all of your help and suggestions. Keep it up! But seriously...lighten up! Change is not bad. Just because something is good does not mean that it is perfect. Otherwise we would still be driving Model T Fords. So don't take offense if I make a little suggestion for what I personally think would improve the site. It is an opinion. You don't have to agree with it. But disagree gracefully, please.

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As dstroy said, I'm swamped with Haiti work right now but let me chime in real quick.

First, welcome to the site. 

Members here are extremely helpful to new posters.  That said, I've been involved in online communities for over 10 years and I've never seen an  community react positively when someone joins and immediately tells them what they are doing wrong (even if they couch it as "what you could do better").  It is kind of like meeting someone and saying "Nice to meet you.  Where did you get that tie?  It looks terrible."  I'm not sure why you'd expect to get a different reaction from folks here.

This site is far from perfect.  It is designed and maintained by a single software developer who has a full-time day job and a family and not an ounce of design skills.  Of course it isn't as polished at as a site built by a team of designers working with a large marketing department, but it has proven to be quite functional.  And of course the content isn't as well edited as a site with full-time writers and editors, but community members have contributed some incredibly helpful content.  I don't think it is unfair to say that many of us love this site as it is now quirks, bugs, and all.

The site is as successful as I could afford for it to be right now, if not more so.  No, at this point the goal isn't for the site to become bigger, it is to preserve the kindness, courtesy, and helpfulness that this community has had despite the fact that it is growing so fast.  if I had to choose for it to maintain the helpful vibe and stay the same size or double in size and lose it, I would choose the former.  This by no means means that new members aren't welcome here, it just means we want to keep the community we've got.

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the apprentice

Floyd, let me tell you personally that you are doing a great job with what you are doing here. I appreciate all of the hard work that you have put into developing and maintaining TFL, especially seeing that you are a busy person. Donating your time to aid those who were affected by the tragedy in Haiti is very admirable.

I agree that it would be rude to tell someone that their choice of clothing looks terrible. But if someone told me, "You would look great in a blue tie. It would really bring out the color in your eyes," I would take it as a compliment. Please know that I don't mean any offense to the way that you are currently doing things. Things are great the way they are! But please also don't be averse to change. I can see that you are a busy person and what I suggested may not be plausible. That's all that needed to be said. I hope that you can see that I meant it as a compliment that I see a lot of potential in TFL, not that there is anything currently wrong with it.

Thanks again for providing everyone with this great community! I can't express my appreciation enough. This site is the one I know that I can depend on for baking tips and advice in one place. And thank you to all TFL members, including the ones above, who are always so helpful.

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You just won't let this go, eh?

But please also don't be averse to change.

I'm not adverse to change, nor do I think David or dstroy or is LindyD.  But as a former system adminstration, I can tell you that there are plenty of bad ideas and changes that shouldn't happen that do.  Perhaps not surprisingly, many of those bad idea come from Marketing.  I can say because I work in Marketing now too.

No offense, but the old timers here have a deeper appreciation for what is working here than you do.  Take some time to enjoy what is here before telling us what we should do differently, please.

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well put.


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So, apprentice, did you have a baking question?