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Carol Field's Plum Cake from The Italian Baker

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Carol Field's Plum Cake from The Italian Baker

Hello all.  I was browsing through Carol Field's The Italian Baker, and came across her Plum Cake Recipe (page 374).  Has anyone made this with any success? and anyone else notice there's no plums in the recipe?  Seems to me it should have been called a "Currant Cake".

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Had a look at the recipe and saw that it's just your basic fruitcake. However Plum Cake is an ancient cake dating back to the 15th century or earlier and it's entirely possible that currants were called plums back then, or the ingredients have changed over the years and not the name.

This is a pretty standard recipe for fruitcake and I cant see any reason why it shouldn't work if the mixing procedure is followed. Just add the eggs slowly and don't over work the mix after adding the flour. Remeber to scrape the bowl from the bottom and sides after each addition.

Carol Field's The Italian Baker is IMO a well researched and tested recipe book.