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electrolux DLX

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electrolux DLX

I'm looking to get an Electrolux DLX for myself. I'm located in Vancouver, BC, and I'm wondering if anyone out there know what's the best place to get them from. Are they even available in Canada? If not are they only availble at internet store like Pleasant Hill?



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Here is the web site for the DLX distributor in canada

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I have a DLX for sale...virtually unused.  I am in NC and would ship to you.  Do you want details?


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I would be interested in the details of your mixer.   I'm in MI



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The mixer was purchased more than 10 yrs ago.  I used it maybe twice and then stopped bread baking for about 10 years.  I have used it about 5 times since then and decided on a different mixer type.  I did buy a dough hook additionally stopping my use of the machine.  The machine was $500 and dough hook $40.  Will sell for $250 plus shipping charges (do not know what these will be, but would estimate $25-30).

My email is for anyone who wants to contact me directly.

Thanks, nova

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Grampa Knuckles

Hi I read awhile ago it was coming to canada.  Just checked and there is a website for a Canadian Distributor now . The new website is  Great machine I've had one for a long time just want to buy some more attachment to grind my own grain and make my own granola mix. Love mine and grandkids love using it too.