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Wheat Montana's Golden Buffalo?

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Stephanie Brim

Wheat Montana's Golden Buffalo?

Can you guys tell me if this is the same fabled Golden Buffalo flour that Heartland Mills sells? I can get it in 5 pound bags through a (almost) local grocery store and I'm curious. I figure $5 isn't too much to pay to see how it is.

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I checked the Wheat Montana site,, and they say nothing about carrying the Golden Buffalo flour.  So far as I know, Golden Buffalo is produced and distributed exclusively by Heartland Mills.

If you use the TFL search tool (upper left-hand corner of the page), you can find numerous entries about Golden Buffalo from people who have used it.


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Stephanie Brim

The call from Ames Hy-Vee I got was that it was a case of wishful thinking. I saw Gold on the package and jumped the gun.

Time to see how much shipping will be to this here small town in Iowa.

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From looking at their website I see that Heartland Mills is a seller of organic grains and flour.  The product from Wheat Montana is not organic. 

My experiments with flour have proven to me that in addition to the healthier aspects of organic grains there is a far superior flavor.