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Oh, it's nice to get up in the mornin' ...

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Oh, it's nice to get up in the mornin' ...

Fresno Sunrise January 11, 2010

When I was a little boy, my mother sang me a song. My understanding is that it was learned from a Scottish tenor who was performing when she was very young ....

Ohhhhh, it's nice to get up in the mornin'

When the sun begins to shine

At four or five or six o'clock 

In the good ol' summer time.

But when the snow is snowin'

And it's murky overhead,

Ohhhhh, it's nice to get up in the mornin',

But it's nicer to lie in your bed.

Just to keep it on fresh loaves, here's my San Joaquin Sourdough baked last night, when I should have been in my bed:

Made with 5% dark rye and 5% whole wheat. Crispy, crackly crust and chewy crumb. Quite delicious with almond butter and orange blossom honey for bedtime snack.



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I think you have this bread dialed in.  Very lovely.


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The bread looks great as always! And I have a very similar photo from the same morning in Visalia. I had taken a few the night before (red sky at night...) and wanted to get the corresponding A.M. shots (red sky at morning...). Lovely photo.

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I'm not really a morning person, but I'd leap out of bed for a slice of that sourdough!

ETA: By the way, the last line of that sweet poem is so on point!  There's nothing like snuggling in the flannel sheets while watching the snowflakes float by.

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Boy, that's a toss-up!! Beautiful sunrise or beautiful sourdough loaf?

My Grandmother sang a version to me, quite opposite. I believe it was a ditty from WW1..I don't remember all of it, but it started :

" Oh, I hate to get up in the morning, the morning"

I'm going to have to ask my Aunt, if she remembers the words..

Sunrise or sourdough, darn, that's a hard choice!


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My dad sang that song. I assumed he learned it in the army (WW II). It turns out, it was composed by Irving Berlin in 1918. Here's a link:


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Thanks David! My memory had the wording a little skewed, but not far off. My Grandmother passed away in the 60s. Of course, I was a mere babe :  )


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if that kind of bread was waiting for me on the breakfast table, it sure would be nice to get up in the mornin'! :)


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There is nothing quite like a beautiful Sunrise/set. It seems to me to be the basis for seeing that life goes on, refreshed every day.

The bread is only magnificent!


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Two of my favorite things are for one sunrises/sunsets..though Iam not a morning person I have probably seen a lot more beautiful sunsets,  I love the desert sunsets.   The other is the smell of bread baking.  I bet the aroma from your house was enough to stir the neighbors!


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Aussie Pete

Yes.....I love the mornings as well...............I just wish they would start later.

Great looking crumb and crust on your loaves.......would it be too rude to ask you to  share your  recipe and method........please.

(Sung to Oklahoma's "oh what a beatiful morning")

Oh what a beautiful morning,

Oh what a beatiful day,

I have a wonderful feeling,

some sourdough is coming our way

Aussie Pete.

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The recipe and method can be found here: Pain de Campagne

Changes from that description implemented for this bake:

1. No instant yeast.

2. Additional Stretch and Folds on the board after those in the bowl.

3. I used 25 gms of whole rye and 25 gms whole wheat.

4. Use 370 gms water.



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inpiring as usual!