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My first white sandwich loaf!

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My first white sandwich loaf!

I followed lesson 2:  Something More and made my first white sandwich loaf.  I normally bake sweet breads, but I have started delving into savory and rustic.  I glazed this baby with milk, but I didn't use steam.  I heated the oven as hot as it would go, baked it at that temp for 5 minutes, then lowered down to the recommended temp and finished off the loaf.  Just need to figure out a better way to get it out of the pan!

White Loaf

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Congrats on your foray into yeast breads!  I personally use non-stick Canola oil spray in my pans to make sure my loaves will come out nicely.


Really most any fat/oil/shortening can be rubbed/sprayed/wiped on the inside of the pan to help it release nicely.