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relief to Haiti

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relief to Haiti I am also giving everyone this link. As the various bishops point out they have the people in place. And, the salaries are paid through other sources so everything is able to go directly to relief.

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In addition to giving money, I think one of the best things you can do in response to the earthquakes in Haiti is to GIVE BLOOD.

Money is relatively easy to come by, whether it is loaned, donated online, or texted, but we can't just make more blood. If you can, please visit your local Red Cross and donate plasma or blood.


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Charity knows no borders.  I hope everyone can help in some way.  

Much love & many blessings!

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Darth Lefty

Active 20-30 International is funneling aid through our chapter in Santo Domingo.  You can donate via Facebook or make checks to

Active 20-30 Foundation
915 L Street, Suite 1000
Sacramento, CA 95814

Since our organization's operating expenses are covered by our dues, 100% of funds raised from this will go right to Haiti.  Via our club connections we can get the money to the street inside 24 hours.

Here is a report from our Past National President Jennifer Norman who currently lives in the Dominican Republic about 6 hours from Port Au Prince:

The reports we have coming in are not good.  Take 911 and multiply it by 10,000 and you will have the amount of devastation that has happened.  Missing family members, deceased men, women, and children in the street, no hospitals, 800 doctors with Doctors without Borders are missing, UN headquarters has collapsed and the Presidential Palace is destroyed.  There is no fire department, there are no hospitals, no grocery stores, barely a police department, no construction equipment (being donated at this moment), etc.  People are digging by hand to find survivors.  To call this situation bad is an understatement.  I don't think our world has known such devastation.  The Active 20-30 clubs have started a drive for basic necessities.  Mostly money is needed in which to buy supplies here in the DR and will be driven to Haiti.

In addition to any money we raise via posts like this one, each chapter has been challenged to send in $100, which I think we can probably beat pretty handily.
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Darth Lefty

For anyone who has donated to the Red Cross via cell phone, please be aware that the money does not go through until you pay your phone bill.  SO DON'T PUT IT OFF