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New Members Every Day

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New Members Every Day

It is exciting to watch new members flocking to TheFreshLoaf.  It will keep this community fresh and vibrant.  Floyd, you are too busy right now I would guess, but when you have a minute would you mindposting some statistics on the growth you've seen over the (now) 5 full years of history here at "The Loaf"?  It seems like the rate of addition of new members has increased in the last couple of weeks, and I'm wondering if you see it the same way, what the stats might be, and whether the non-member/unregistered guest traffic is up as well, or not.  Any correlation with the two recent and prominent mentions of TheFreshLoaf in "publication", or is this a "typical" post-holiday occurance?

If you'd rather not publish the stats, or just don't have the time, then, no worries.  I really am only curious, and I acknowledge in advance it is realy none of my business.


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I don't mind sharing that info at all.

Yes, traffic and user registrations are up.  It has been consistently increasing but, yes, the Saveur mention definitely has given it an additonal boost. 

In general, traffic is strongest from November to February.  Those of us in the Northern Hemisphere tend to bake around the holidays and when the weather is cold.

TFL is getting 30 to 40 new user registrations a day right now.  Perhaps 10 or 15 of those are fake accounts being set up by spammers, but many are legitimate.

Traffic is generally up too.  The site is getting a bit more than 40,000 page views a day from around 14,000 visitors a day right now, up from about 30,000 to 35,000 page views a day in November and December. 

Most traffic here comes from from the English speaking world (USA, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, in that order), but there is significant traffic from places like India, Singapore, Germany, and Italy as well.  Sunday is without fail the biggest day of the week.

Year over year, TFL traffic has increased about 50% each of the past 3 years.

Is that the type of info you were looking for?



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I did see all of this last night, but I must have left the reply page after preview without pressing save.  Speak softly of those "Duh" moments please...

I'll try it again here and now.

Thanks (again!) Floyd, for the information and for your openness in sharing it.  It is exactly the kind of information I was curious about.  I'm actually amazed at the (net) number of new registrations.  Even though it seemed apparent there were many new members signing up I had no idea it was so many.  If everyone that registered also introduced themselves it would really make the tide visible!  I hope your gear and bandwidth are up to the growth.  That was actually my first fear yesterday when I was unable to get to the site, and I was very happy to hear to the contrary.

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Am I the only one to "represent" Ecuador?...Happy baking. Paolo