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TFL is 5 and the Haiti quake

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TFL is 5 and the Haiti quake

This evening I was planning on doing a longer post about how I set up and made the first post on TFL 5 years ago today and how I couldn't have imagined that it'd blossom into what it has become.  I was also going to share photos of a cute little bakery in my hometown that my mother sent me, but as you've likely heard a terrible earthquake hit Haiti this afternoon and my employer, Mercy Corps, is scrambling to organize a response to the earthquake.  We of the fundraising team are doing all we can to raise funds promptly and get the word out that we and partner agencies are responding immediately.  So I'll keep it short and just note the anniversary, offer my sincerest prayers for the people in Port-au-Prince, and take it as another reminder to count my blessings at every opportunity.



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Let us all pray for the people of Haiti..


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Oddly, earlier I was wondering about the precise age of TFL and was about to delve into the forum archives, but was distracted by the Haiti earthquake news.

Happy Anniversary to TFL, Floyd.  An appropriate day to reinstall the Mercy Corps. donation button on the home page, I think.

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Floyd, you work here is outstanding--it adds something of real value to our lives. Your work with Mercy Corps is more admirable still.

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Debra Wink

My, how TFL has grown  ;-)

Thank you for all that you do, both here and at Mercy Corps. My thoughts and prayers will be with the people of Haiti.