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Hello from Sunny London

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Hello from Sunny London

Hi everybody,


Wow this was just the site I was looking for, knew there had to be one out there somewhere! Well, I am originally trained as a chef but have been getting into bread making at home for the last year or so, I just find it so satisfying! If you love food and making things with your hands then bread making seems like a natural choice, but hey you didnt need me to tell you that!

Anyway I look forward to learning as much as I can and sharing the best of what I know, hope to see you around!

Happy days



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 Hi Edd. Where are you in London. I could just do with a coulpe of day's there, before Christmas. :-)))

It's my hometown. :-))) qahtan. in Niagara Peninsula, Canada,

temperature tonight going to -12 c. windchill -17c .

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Hello there Edd, from a rather wet West Coast, NZ. (great weather for the rain forest though).i'm sure you will enjoy this site as much as I do. As soon as I get home from work I  hook up to this site and update. Artisan bakers are really friendly helpful people. Welcome aboard!