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Challah, Gateau a l'orange, German Sunflower bread

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Challah, Gateau a l'orange, German Sunflower bread


I'm going to make these recipes: Challah Gateau a l'orange , and German Sunflower Seed bread , on Wed, Thu, and Fri.  I'm keeping a 50% starter in the fridge now. Do I have to adjust the recipes to my starter?

Here's what I'm thinking, and please correct me if I'm wrong. Take the starter out of the fridge 12 hours before making preferment for challah and feed it normally (200 flour, 100 water). Right? 12 hours later, use some for challah, and feed again. Leave at room temperature. 8 hours later feed the starter again, leave at room temperature. 8 hours later, take some starter for the cake, feed the rest, and put back into fridge. The German bread doesn't use starter.

Now, is what I've written sensible? Or should I somehow improve the sequence? I've spaced out baking so that it fit my schedule. The recipes didn't state starter hydration, just said that it should be mature and firm. I'm thinking mine 50% is just fine...Right?

Also, if anyone has any tips for these recipes - I'll be grateful. Thanks!


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Just to let you know I have put full details on making Chollah on my blog.

It only uses a quick pre-ferment, so is different to what you had planned.   There are several photos plus a video to help you on the way.   Full details of formula and method are given.

It may be of interest to you.

Best wishes