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Purchasing Food-Safe Plastic Bags

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Purchasing Food-Safe Plastic Bags

Beginner's Blues!

I often read that you put your Baneton in a Food-Safe Plastic Bag. Where does one purchase these Bags?

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Purchase? I just sneak an extra produce bag out from safeway!

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I know I hope the bags that I get from the grocery store, that my groceries are bagged in, are "food safe".

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Most stores have food safe plastic bags on a roll in their produce departments, which are there for the shoppers to stash their selections. 

Don't toss them when you get home - use them for your breads.  So long as you don't tear them, they can be used over and over again.

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Has  bread bags. The amont is a lot so consider sharing the cost with a friend.

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creekside cabin...

Thank you ALL, I appreciate your responses!

I was not sure if the large bags at KAF would be big enough for the Rise or Proofing.


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For very large bags to fit over half sheet pans or large baskets used for proofing, you migh want to try "Ziplock Big Bags."  They are available at your local megamart and are food safe.

I have used them successfully for those applications.

Hope this helps.

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From KAF. The dimensions are on their website if you want to be absolutely certain call or email them. They are very nice, helpful folks. I don't use a banneton but the ones I have look like they'de be plenty big. I line a baking sheet with a linen couche, cover the loaves with the couche, and put the whole thing in a clean trash bag. Good luck!