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Hi there!

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Hi there!

Hi there folks! My name is Mike and I thought I'd join in the fun here at the site. I'm very new to the world of baking, but I've always loved food and most especially LOVED bread. Love it love it. Eating it that is. So now, I'm to the point where I want to play with making it and trying all kinds of fun stuffs with it.

I look forward to contributing to the community here (probably by showing off how NOT to do something) and getting to know you other afficianados. Hopefully I can get my wife to join up here too since she's actually the one in our home who's a terrific cook and a budding baker.

Take it easy!

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Welcome, Mike.

I look forward to contributing to the community here (probably by showing off how NOT to do something)

Nothing wrong with that... Check out my Irish Soda Bread. If you don't blow it from time-to-time, you probably aren't experimenting enough.

Looking forward to hearing about your progress.

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Hi Mike,

I'm pretty new at this, too. Just jump on in and start baking... that's the best way to start. And,... croutons cover a multitude of sins. ;) Just consider every mistake to be an addition to your salads and bread-crumb collection.


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After a few years of not baking, I started again this year. I feel much better now, I have the energy to bake bread again and it is a continuing source of energy and love for me. Bread is a craft and an art, it takes patience, humility, an open heart and a flexible attitude. If you are lacking in one or another, you will learn with each new loaf. Even with experience, you will still learn with each loaf.

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Hi Mike,

Welcome. Bread is fun. Eating it and making it. Have fun with it.

A former business associate once said that the difference between a failure and a success is simple. A success kept failing until they succeeded. Failure is not the bad word. Quiting is.