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Would love to Learn

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Would love to Learn

Hello from just north of Boston. Would love to learn how to bake bread, Especialy Sourdoughs. A few years Back I started a culture from scratch and enjoyed some satisfactory loaves right out of our home oven. I think I might have been trying to duplicate loaves I had tasted that had black olives or jalapenos in them. The culture died and somehow I lost interest. With winter upon us I'm ready to give it another try. I ordered some starter and a book. Been looking around to find a bakers forum. This one looks great. Looks like it's full of helpful information and  a good place to get some quick advice from seasoned troubleshooters. Should be fun!

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Mini Oven

Welcome to TFL!  The Fun Lab for Bread,  where the labs rats live with you and the experiments get eaten ... or fed to critters bigger than the ones in the bread.  :)