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Hello from Canada

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Hello from Canada

Hello Everyone,

A friend recommended this site and I think it is terrific. I look forward to learning more and sharing ideas.

Thank you,




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Hi, Sabatier.

Welcome to TFL!

Tell us something about what you like to bake.


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I am new at here but I enjoy baking bread. I do not have any favourites yet but I look forward to experimenting over the next couple of months.

I think bread is an "art" all on its own. I guess compared to all of you I am very much a beginner. I am humble so I am willing to learn alot, and what I thought I knew, well it just went out the door. :)

So here I am, new beginnings, bread, the new chapter in my life.


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Where in Canada are you from?  I'm a prairie girl myself.

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Welcome to TFL!  I am in Alberta.  Great to have you here.  Al

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welcome!  a warm welcome, that is (it's freezing outside).  i live in montreal and TFL was my first teacher in bread-baking.  before february 2009, i didn't know a thing about putting flour and water together, nor did I ever open a packet of yeast.

and now with the help of TFL again, I'm starting my journey into sourdough.  my starter is about 3 weeks old, have not used it yet, but will roll up my sleeves one day soon.  just busy with client work at the moment.  the thing about living in montreal is that there's a boulangerie in every nook and cranny and their sourdough breads are hard to beat.  even the regular supermarket variety - especially from Loblaws - are so flavorful, with a texture that would fetch a grade of A+ from the masters.  i'm talking about the "president's choice" brand of breads.

enjoy your stay and send us your pics when you create!

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Wow, thank you so much.....

I am really happy to hear from you all. It will take time to figure out where I am going with my ideas , one thing I  know for certaintly, that this is the right place.

I have made miches and batards, ciabatta, Italian, Greek, flat breads etc. , baguettes (my fav) and feel that I would like to branch out a bit more. I have not mastered any one type, still in the baby step period of my bread making years.

Thank you.

ps. I welcome any tips or advice and I am ever so humbled among you all.