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Video Shows Kneading Technique for Very High Hydration

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Video Shows Kneading Technique for Very High Hydration

I was visiting this morning and there's a thread on Pizzarium, the chi-chi Roman pizza restaurant that features a foccacia-like pan pizza. Someone posted a link to a youtube video of chef Gabriele Bonci showing some of his dough handling techniques. At about 2:10 into the video, he shows how he kneads his very wet dough.

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I used to do something similar for years, but decided it was an 'incorrect' technique and gave it up!  Just shows how many different techniques can be used to achieve the desired effect of getting flour and water into bread dough.

Thanks for posting!

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Great to watch how he handles wet dough.  Thanks for post!!!

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Very informative - I certainly have a better understanding of wet dough now.

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When he's done with the dough, his fingers looked CLEAN!  Al

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Mini Oven

or phyllo dough.   I think the video was cut short.  I like to use only one hand but the dough amount is smaller.  Use the fact that the dough is stuck to the table to work like an extra hand when stretching the dough.


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The camerawork and the crowd noises really brought this video to life. It's further away than my current absolute favourite -- La Fucina -- but I've made a note of the address to try when I'm over that way.


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Funny but I wonder if you could not get the same effect with a mixer or waiting a while between kneads. He adds a biga doesn't he?

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Good question what is the difference with a mixer?