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my new old mixer

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my new old mixer

I bought the 20 quart mixer used about a month ago, it had problems starting, blew fuses, and smelt very bad.

I've cleaned it up, replaced the start motor capacitor and just made a 10lb batch of baguette dough.

The dough came together amazingly quick on the first speed, it only took 2-3 minutes to develop.

Here are some pics:


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What brand/model is this?  Is it safe to assume it's too big for an average countertop?  Just curious about these bigger models.

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It weighs about 95kg and I can barely lift it, it's more of a bench top type.  I'm planing to build a small cart to get it about 6-10" off the floor.

In the pictures is roughly 10lb's of baguette dough.  I wouldn't mix much less than that I think.  It should be able to handle up to 20lb's in one batch.

I have a smaller Kitchenaid Artisan mixer that is 5 quart.  So I can make 3-4 times the dough.

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Bwana B

08 Jan 2010

Hello from Missouri:

Your mixer looks like a Hobart. Hobart and Kitchen Air are the same company with Hobart being the commercial division.

If it is a Hobart, it should last many years, even if you purchased it used.  It sounds like you fixed the problem!!! The only faut that I have experinced with my Hobart is that it is HEAVY and, therefore, it has its own place on my large and long kitchen counter top - I use it regularly and gave it a permanent counter position as I don't like carrying it around to and from storage every other day. I purchased my new a number of years ago and have found it to be an excellent mixer.

Good luck and happy baking.

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Happily, Hobart still makes a nice mixer. Here's hoping that Whirlpool doesn't buy into that part of the company.  Ray