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New Sassafrass poor quality? Options?

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New Sassafrass poor quality? Options?


I've been using a Sassafras La Cloche for 10 years, until it cracked in the oven 2 weeks ago. I bought a new bottom and it is SIGNIFICANTLY lighter than my old one, it feels light and fragile, and the thickness of the bottom of the plate seems to be 1/8"-3/16". It used to be almost 3/8 on my old one. And now it's made in Taiwan.

Are there better options?

Thank you,


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Save yourself tons of money - go buy a terra cotta pot and plate at your local home & garden center.

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find yourself a cast iron dutch oven with a lid.  many sized are out there, a good outdoor camping store, or the web.  Holds heat better to!

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Awfully hard to find a better deal on a dutch oven than this(if the deal is still good):

Order it...pick it up in a week or so(or pay to ship).