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Failte from Ireland

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Failte from Ireland

Just found this site and thrilled with what I've read so far - already learned quite a lot.


A little about me - a IT junkie who likes to bake bread as an escape from day-to-day life.  Started out making Irish Soda bread which has to be the easiest bread to make and have progressed, largely through trial and error, into all sorts of breads and sweet deserts.  I blog infrequently on http;//


No bread machine or mixer - do it all by hand; kneading is therapeutic!


Looking forward to learning loads.


The Irish Baker!!!

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So do you put nuts and raisin in the Irish Soda bread or not?  What is the authentic thing?  I have always wondered this.  I took a class in college on Irish lit and I have a few Irish author's I just love.  But I always wondered that and also what is the recipe.  I will check ut your blog and see if you have one there.

But Welcome!!

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Hi Janij and thanks for the warm welcome.  To answer your query re Soda bread - there are generally three types of Irish Soda bread:-


Brown Bread - Soda, buttermilk, wholemeal flour NO raisins -

White Soda bread -Soda, buttermilk, plain flour NO raisins -

Currant Cake /Railway Cake / Sweet Soda bread - This is essentially White Soda bread with raisins and sugar -

All equally valid, all Irish and all delicious.



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Welcome to The Fresh Loaf. I think you find this to be a friendly place where you can learn as much as you want. I look forward to seeing your breads. We have lots of EU members here also that are good bakers and bake the regional breads.


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Cead mile failte, Irish Baker.