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Homebased food processing now allowed in New Mexico

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Homebased food processing now allowed in New Mexico

A new rule requiring permits for homemade foods sellers went into effect on Jan. 1, 2010 in New Mexico.

The permits are mandated by the state Environment Department and will cost $100. This will allow the sale of homemade goods including baked goods, tortillas, jams and jellies, dry mixes and candies.

To obtain a permit, home-based food processors must pay the fee, attend food safety training and allow the New Mexico Environment Department to inspect their kitchens. This new permit process was introduced to monitor the safety of goods sold at farmers markets, roadside stands, fairs and fiestas. Visit


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Hopefully Michigan will join the enlightened states soon.  I just received an email today from my state representative who assures me he will strongly support the passage of 2009 House Bill 5280.

For fellow TFL members who live in Michigan, you can comment here.  

Better yet, contact your reps and urge them to pass this bill.


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CA Bakers have contacted the California state legislators to enact a Cottage Foods bill authorizing the Department of Health and Senior Services and/or the Department of Agriculture to issue customized "Home Bakery" licenses to residential kitchens for the purpose of selling non-potentially-hazardous bakery products, such as, but not necessarily limited to: breads, cakes, doughnuts, pastries, buns, rolls, cookies, biscuits, and pies (except meat or cream pies).

Here is the link if you live in California and you are interested in signing the petition. The contact name for the spear head of this petition is also provided.




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This is now being pursued by the Sustainable Economies Law Center.

See and sign the petition here: