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Hello, from NY (Fingerlakes)

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Sara Catterall

Hello, from NY (Fingerlakes)

I just ran across this site and signed right up.  I've been baking all my daily bread for years now (ww/wh sandwich loaves, 2 at a time), make pita,  wheat tortillas, pizza, lefse and quick breads as well, and had very good luck with trying a sourdough last summer - so I'm feeling ready for more. I'm also an indexer and ex-librarian who used to work with one of the best cookbook collections in the country, where I started my own ever-expanding collection.  I doubt I'll blog much, but pleased to be here.

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Welcome, Sara.

Funny to run into an indexer.  My mother is an indexer too.


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Thanks to you, I've learned something new today!  I had no idea indexing was an occupation.  But, then, there used to be people called computers before Sperry and IBM got into the business.


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Sara Catterall

That's not an uncommon reaction, Paul! Though back of the book indexing is really a form of writing - until software can write a good book, the humans will have to keep doing it. 

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I live in Binghamton and just found this website recently too....I have been baking bread for many years and after getting rid of about a dozen cartons of cookbooks, I still have hundreds!

Looking forward to learning more about bread baking!