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New in CNY

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New in CNY

Hey all!

I'm new to the site and while I've made several loaves of bread in my life, they were exclusively from cookbook recipes.  I'm new to the artisan world...well baking it anyway.  I've ALWAYS love eating it though :).  I haven't had too much of a chance to check out the rest of the site but look forward to absorbing all of the knowledge awaiting me.  My other passion is homebrewing but bread is much less expensive and you're a lot less likely to mke a regretable phone call to an ex when you eat too much of it!

I also work for a kitchen equipment dealership so I have lots of access to all the kitchen toys that all serious bakers have no use for.  I mean, outside of a table, a scale, an oven and a mixer - which is optional - what more do they need?

Thanks in advance for all of the tips, and guidance I'm sure I'll need and receive in the near future.

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Postal Grunt

You'll find that there are more than a few people here that have tried their hand at homebrewing. If you can brew a decent a beer, then you have nothing to worry about in baking artisan bread. The disciplines required in brewing have helped me progress along the learning curve. Be sure to learn how to post pictures of your bread, every one here likes to see a good loaf. It's a real plus to know that no one gets a ticket for driving under the influence of a sourdough rye.