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No Knead Carrot Juice Bread

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No Knead Carrot Juice Bread

Hi Everyone!

My name is Lacey and I've got a three year old daughter (Gracie) that has a wheat allergy. I've been experimenting with sprouted wheat flour and no knead baking for about six months now and to be honest haven't had much luck with it. I don't know technical baking terms, but sprouted wheat flour seems to come out more dense than when I make the same recipe with regular un/bleached bread flour. I'm talking no bubbles inside, thick thick crumb on the outside, etc. Kindof blah tasting. And frankly, that stuff is expensive. We're talking $4 for 1 lbs, when you can get 5 lbs of king arthur for the same price. So there've been some major disappointments along the way. but now I'm experimenting using other flours and have had some luck in the baking front.

I bought myself Jim Lahey's book about No Knead baking for Christmas. He is my own personal baking God. I've made some Stecca baguettes last week using organic amaranth flour and king arthur flour. And today I baked my carrot juice bread. The smell was amazing! I haven't cut it open yet  but it is singing like songbird and that is a good sign. Here is the result:


No Knead Carrot Bread



3/4 cup organic amarathn flour

2 1/4 cup king arthur bread flour

1/4 tsp instant yeast

1 cup freshly juiced carrot juice. (I did this using my newest gadget - Jack La Lanne juicer) It took a small bag of carrots to make this much.

1/2 cup water, plus some if needed

1 1/4 tsp salt

~1/2 cup or more chopped dried cranberries. I didn't measure them out.

~1/2 cup chopped pecans. Again, didn't measure. I eyeballed it.

wheat germ, sunflower seeds and more flour


Combine flours, salt and yeast together. Add in carrot juice and water. Mix with a wooden spoon. Add pecans and cranberries. Dough should be really sticky to touch. Scrape stuff off side of bowl back into the dough. Cover with saran wrap and a thick kitchen towel and store in a warm place for 12-18 hours. On a well floured surface, dump and scrape out dough and fold over on itself several times until you form a ballish shape. Coat a tea towel with wheat germ, sunflower seeds and flour enough so the dough won't stick. Place dough seem side down in towel and cover up to let rise for another hour or two. Once dough has risen enough to hold a finger imprint - heat oven to 450 and place your 4-5 qt stock pot with lid in oven to heat up. Once oven and pot is completely heated pop dough in pot, cover and bake for 20 minutes. Take lid off and bake until brown and golden, more if you want a thicker crust.

Take out of oven, place on cooling rack and let it sing away. And wa-la. Delicious and healthy bread!


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Sorry, I'm not the best food photo person. At all!

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I don't want to be a wet blanket here but it was my understanding that people who had wheat alergies where not supposed to eat wheat at all.

My daughter's sister-in-law has wheat alergy and she got a reaction from a lotion she used that she didn't realize had wheat in it.

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Hi Betty,

We have found that if we limit wheat in our daughters diet her body does okay. Meaning, no ear infections or illness, etc. Whereas if she eats an unchecked diet, that essentially means just about everything has wheat in it, she gets cluster ear infections, coughs, attitude change, etc.

There are varying degrees of allergies as I am sure you know. She does fine with lotion, shampoo, etc. It seems that when she ingests a lot of wheat based foods we see the massive changes in her wellness.
We just let Gracie go back to eating "unchecked" as she started a new preschool in October and in less than a month she started getting ear infections again. Right now we are only letting her have a little bit of the bread above as it has regular flour in it. As I said, I'm still experimenting with baked goods and wheat free. It hasn't been easy for me to get bread to rise well without bread flour in it to some degree.

Best! Lacey

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Taking care of a child with food allergies can be trying at times. My oldest daughter who is 31 now, is allergic to eggs and cows milk. Trying to keep those foods away from her when she was little was a challenge to say the least.

She got stomach cramps from cows milk but broke out in hives if she ate anything with eggs in it. As an adult she has built up a resistance so that if she eats small amounts of these foods it doesn't affect her, so your daughter may outgrow this.

Best of luck...Betty

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Here is a picture of my Carrot Bread which is one of my favorite breads!