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La Brea Bagels

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La Brea Bagels

I received a copy of "Breads From La Brea Bakery" for Christmas and today made the bagels from it. I have made bagels from other recipes 3 or 4 times before and had reasonable results. These were by far the best looking ones. I have yet to taste them but they are also the first bagels I have made using sourdough so I think they will be good.

The recipe calls for both white starter and all white flour. I always keep my starter whole wheat and also replaced half the flour with whole wheat. Otherwise, I followed the recipe. For toppings I used poppy seeds, sesame seeds, cinnamon & sugar, and a couple were left plain.

For anybody interested in making these, the Wild Yeast website has a post based on the La Brea bagel recipe.Bagels

Bagels close



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Those look terrific!

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i've been making these for years and they are simply the best! taste as good as they look. have only made with white starter and white flour but i'm going to try half whole wheat flour.  my starter is 5 years old this month.  maybe i'll try to make a whole wheat starter - but i'd like to find a receipe that less labor intensive than Nancy's.  any recommendations?