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Durum vs. Kamut

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Russ Simpson

Durum vs. Kamut

I got it in my head this weekend that I wanted to make a loaf of Pugliese (for the first time).  I was working from the recipe in "The Bread Baker's Apprectice" and realized it called for Fancy Durum - but thought I would go the next morning and get some from Whole Foods or PCC (here in Seattle).  But I didn't find it at either store.  A few internet searches on my mobile phone led me to believe that I could substitute some Kamut for the Durum (which I was able to find at PCC). 

So, I used about a 40-60 Kamut-Bread flour mixture for the dough and proceeded.  Picture of the results below.  I will have to eithr mail-order some Durum or find a local supply for next time in order to compare/contrast - but I was fairly pleased with the results.  There's sort of a question here.  Is Kamut an acceptable substutute for Durum or is it just entirely different?  The bread turned out to have a nice aroma and the crumb is very chewy and has a very pleasing texture.  The crust is even more chewy. 



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I don't know if it is a sub for durum but I use Kamut as part of my flour mix and it always adds a delicious aroma/flavor to the bread that I miss when it is not used. It also has a lovely light gold color. I know when I grind it that it is a very hard grain which produces a fine flour. It also seems to absorb more water so you may need to increase the water a little.

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They have a durham flour they call 'fine semolina'. If you see that, it's the type of durham you want for bread.

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Russ Simpson

I had about 7.25 oz. of Biga left over so I'm making another loaf today.  With that I need about 7 oz. of flour so I mixed 4 oz. of Kamut and 3 oz. of bread flour.  I also made it a bit more wet and I plan to push the temp and back time just a little this time.  Should be done in a few hours - I'll post results and a new picture.

Thanks for the comments!!


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Not sure if the Costco's down in the states carry the same as up in Canada, but they carry Durham Flour - 10kgs for around $11.00Can I think....  Wish they would carry white bread flour, but they don't!!

John from Victoria BC

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Russ Simpson

I'm pretty happy with this.  I also increased the % of the Kamut from the first batch.  But I will hunt down Durum before I do my next batch. 

Now I'll start a new post about my failed attempt at Ciabatta...  :-(