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Rip off! :)

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Rip off! :)

We, my family and I, just returned from a mini-vacation to San Francisco. Of course, we ate some yummy sourdough while we were there.

In one of the touristy stores on Fisherman's Wharf, I noticed a sourdough starter kit. It was, literally, an envelope (regualr postal size) with some flour in it. The price on the sticker?... *hold your breath* $6.95!!! With tax, $7 for an envelope full of flour and instructions like you'd see on this site. LOL! And, yes, I checked the ingredient list,... it was just "cracked wheat flour" and sugar. *shakes head* INSANE! I took that $7 and bought about 15 pounds of flour at Whole Foods instead. ;)

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Rip offs?!? On Fisherman's Wharf?!? Never! I thought that was where all the salty curs imbibed their grog... ;-)

I grew up in the Bay Area and it wasn't until I was in high school that I actually went to Fisherman's Wharf. People from SF *never* go there. Pretty much walking down the pier qualifies you as a sucker, and, yes, sucker enough to pay 7 bucks for 10 cents worth of flour.

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christilyn I am learning...

East coast sourdough just isn't cutting the mustard. My sourdough starter has been behaving properly...foaming, then hooch...I've been feeding smells like sourdough. But we just don't have the west coast wild yeasts here that make it fabulous. :/ My mom has a packet of San Fran sourdough starter she's going to give me. I need some of y'all's wild yeast here! :) I'll let you know if it's worth $7. ;-)