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Hello from P-Town :]

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Hello from P-Town :]

I've been reading through this forum for over a month now, and I finally decided to join up!  I currently work at a small wholesale bakery in Portland, OR, doing mostly laminated products.  I really want to sharpen my bread skills, however, so until I start working at a bread bakery, I've decided to bake a loaf of bread every weekend (hopefully that often...)

Peter Reinhart said something along the lines of encouraging his students to go broad, then go deep.  Explore the world of bread, then find your favorite loaf and master it.  So I'm still going broad, so to speak.  Something different every weekend.

This weekend, I'm going to try a saffron bun recipe I saw somewhere on these forums; one of my coworkers donated some saffron to the cause.  Perhaps I'll post a picture, if all goes well :]

Thanks for the great website!


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Welcome, can't wait to see those pictures! :-)

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Welcome to another Oregonian! Where in Portland are you working?