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Congratulations Fresh Loaf

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Congratulations Fresh Loaf

As I read the latest copy of Saveur magazine I was happy to see that one of their 100 Picks for 2009 (made by readers this year) was for being a great resource for bakers. I am new to this group, but am excited to see so many people enthusiastic about what some would see as a simple reaction between yeast, flour, water and salt... but we know to be a miracle. Congratulations Fresh Loaf!



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I feel so blessed to have found this wonderful site about the breads of life! Congrats Floyd! 

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Thank you, Lisa and Gardenchef.  I am flattered that this site got include on Saveur's list.

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but then I am not surprised, really.  The wealth of knowledge and kinship is phenomenal. 

Kudos to you, Floyd, and to all that share their expertise. 

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Awesome!  Great magazine.  I'm glad they're driving some traffic (and new content) this way.