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sourdough starter and freshly milled flour

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sourdough starter and freshly milled flour



I am just beginning my sourdough adventures.  I have requested a sourdough starter from Carl Griffith's friends and should recieve it soon!  I have also just started milling my own flour and am still new to the whole fresh flour process.

Now, I know that you have to use the freshly milled flour soon after you grind or it will become rancid.  My question is can i use the fresh flour to revive my sourdough starter, or will that go bad...I've been reading a lot and am now completely confused.



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for my 100% hydration starter and it loves it.  You are correct that you must use freshly milled flour "soon after you grind it", but that term "soon" is not so volatile as you might think. Yes, you have to be concerned for how long home-milled whole-grain flour will keep, but I've never had any go bad, and I keep it in a cupboard, not the fridge, for as long as a month or so at times.  If you want to keep it for a more extended time, keep it in the fridge.  I use it up too fast for it to be an issue, and I keep it that way by milling it only a few pounds at a time.

If you feed rancid flour to your starter, you will get a rancid starter, but unless you do that, the starter will be fine, and it will love your freshly milled flour.  Good luck with your sourdough adventures!


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When I grind my fresh flour, i make extra and keep it in the freezer.  Add to starter with equal amounts of water, let sit on the counter for 2 hours, then refigerate starter.  It goes a week or more this way.  I use rye starte even if making whole wheat as it ferments well, and adds a nice flavor, and is a tiny part of the recipie.  Whole wheat works too!

I usually grind my flour the night before, but have also taken the frozen flour and made wonderful bread with that when I didn't have time to grind fresh.

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hi, i just got my wolfgang mill and made the first ( in pan) loaf.

i am making mostly freestanding , bread flour based sourdough breads, which we really love. will i be able to make them even with fine milled hard white wheat ? do i have to add something , like gluten flour  ?