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Oven Temp

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Oven Temp

I have been making pizza dough for some time and had heard about the trick of using a very high temp to cook your pizza but didn't have an oven that would do it.

I now have an oven that will go to 550 and MAN is it the world of difference in pizza. It makes such a bigger difference than using a stone vs pan. I can bake it on any of my pans at 550 and it comes out great.

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Some pizza ovens go up to 800F...  

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  Yes I agree with that also. I could never make a pizza in a just a microwave convection oven . I put in a stove in a small shed at my resort.  The oven go to 550. make great Pizza.  I saw a mew BB  Grill out that is infared I hear it will get temps up to 800 degrees.

Enjoy nice Pizza's I am also.

Happy New year

Mr. Bob

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The proper temperature for baking pizza is 830 F !! There was a group in Italy recently that tried to get a law passed that would mandate that 830 F temperature.

The best you can do at home is to preheat the oven to max [ 550 F] with a pizza stone inside.