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Pumpkins and Choclate

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Pumpkins and Choclate

Well, it's been a while since I've gotten on here, and I've had plenty of time to mess up my kitchen with my experiments and ideas. For the holidays, however, I made something everyone likes: Pumpkin Bread and Triple Chocolate Fudge Cookies.


I've done the cookies before, but this was my first time doing pumpkin bread, but it still turned out FANTASTIC. It was tastey in a spice way, warm, just a little bit crispy on the outside, and a little moist on the inside.

pumpkin bread miniloafs and regular loaf

I have a pan which makes 8 mini bread loafs and a small sized loaf pan I used to make these. The iciing is a store-bought white icing.


For holiday desert, I also baked a double-dozen batch of triple chocolate and fudge chunk cookies, which were a pain while I figured out how to inorporate everything in amounts decent to keep them as cookies and not chocoltae lumps and leave them nice and thick with chocolate.

Chocolate and more chocolate


All in all, it was a very tastey Christmas!


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That pumpkin bread looks delicious!

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Oh I love the combination of pumpkin and chocolate.  There's some magic about the two together.  I used to make those little pumpkin loaves to give out around Christmas.  They are perfect gifts for single people or small families.  I usually use cream chesse or lemon icing on them; I can taste it on my tongue now!  LOL  Thanks for sharing!  Al

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I'm a big fan of the pumpkin chocolate combo, too! It used to be my grandmother who always made the pumpkin bread/pie and cookies for the holidays, now I'm the one doing it. Not that I mind, of course!

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i got to try that combo!  mouth-watering.