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Marathon Uni-Mill Questions

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Marathon Uni-Mill Questions

I just started milling my own wheat for bread by hand about 1 month ago and that got really old, real quick. While looking for my next "upgrade" I found this site.  What a wonderful site this it.  Thanks.

I just acquired a Marathon Uni-mill through ebay which is on its way as I type.  I am looking for some guidance regarding its use (milling settings, cleaning, general care, etc).  Any helpful tips, hints, suggestions would be great.


Thank you,

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Hi, I was given an old Marathon Uni-Mill today by my father-in-law.  It has no instructions on its use except for the sticker on the inside of the top.  Do you know where I can get an instruction manual?



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Hi,  I have used a Marathon Mill since we purchased it in 1975.  We bought it directly from a dealer in Arizona.  It grinds approx. a pound of wheat per minute.

 It did not come with a manual.  I was told it could grind anything other than corn which had too high of a fat content and would gum up the stones.

As directed when ready to mill I turn on the machine.  Once it's running I turn the large knob to the left until I hear the stones just beginning to make contact.  Immediately I back it off a bit, turning the knob back to the right.  Then I add grain.  Turn it further to the right for a coarser meal.   I use a large paint brush to push grains into the hopper.

When grinding is complete I wait until the stone has stopped turning then use the brush to brush off the top of the wheel and the sides of the hopper.  Then I use a designated air pump (bicycle pump) to blow air through the stones.

I don't know anyone else who has a Marathon and would really enjoy sharing information with other millers.


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I scanned the manual and am hosting it here:

If the link ever breaks, please email me: uberscientist -at and hopefully I'll know where a copy is.

Just for internet reference: The manual says nothing against grinding corn, and gives specific instructions on how to do so.  Cheers!

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I've been watching these on ebay and am very interested in purchasing one.  Seems people seem to be pretty satisifed with the Marathon Mill.s