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Hello from Texas

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Hello from Texas

Hello there!!  I recently (ok, today) discovered this site through a link on the  I have been following a thread about Sourdough and ordered some sourdough starter from Carl Griffith & friends - .  I started the Lessons here today and my 1st loaf is rising as I type.  I look froward to learning more about making bread from all of you here.  If you like smoked meat and BBQ, don't hesitate to check out the smoking meat forum I mentioned above.  I have learned a lot there and my screen name is the same over there as it is here.





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Good BBQ and good bread are an unbeatable combination!

Glad to have you join us.

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Lesson 1 is done.  That was easy!!  I read the 10 tips section and when the recipe called for 375*, I cranked the oven to 550* to start and, well, my lovely wife forgot to inform me that the NEW oven liner she just put in would not handle that high of a setting.....  ;-o  Smoke alarms going off, dogs howling, Yikes!!! 

So the liner is toast!!  Oops!! 

But the bread came out great!  Tell mew what you think...


First loaf

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I think it looks good enough to eat!  Is it all sourdough leavening or does it have commercial yeast also?

My new sourdough starter is being recalitrant.

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It is regualr bread.  Go to Lessons on this site and then click on Lesson One: Your First Loaf - The place to begin.

i ti simply Flour, Yeast, Salt, and water. 

I am having trouble with teh starter I ordered from Carl's site. I downloaded the additional instructions and nothng has happened. I have ordered Bread Bakers Apprentice and will make a SD Starter from that book and get rolling.

Good luck with yours!!!