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been using bread machines for many years...current have a Zojirushi that I have had for 4-5 years. While it started by making pizza, I have increasingly been using the machine just to start the dough, and then subsequent kneading and shaping by hand. Have started using my pizza stone for loaves as well. Just started browsing this site recently.


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Hope you will learn much and share your experiences.

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Take off your coat and stay a while... Warm yourself by the fire... and bake with us!

I am both an indoor and an outdoor [amateur] baker.  Outside, I have a Big Green Egg dedicated to everything non-meat... and have been baking over lump charcoal for several years, most recently using Peter Reinhart's [adapted] with great success.

Best Wishes!

~ Broc

PS -- There's a second Egg for everything meat... I bake, roast, grill, yada-yada... over charcoal in all kinds of weather, most recently our current blizzard.

Gunness!  I love ceramic cooking!

~ B


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Pain Partout

Jeff....Enjoy TFL.    MUCH good info here.  Throw away that bread machine!  Bread does NOT have to be complicated. The flavor, texture,...everything... will be far superior to the machine method...  if you just follow any of the "no-knead", refrigerated methods that are popular now.  Welcome to a very informative site.

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i also have a bread machine and have been branching out. i discovered this site & feel like i have found a gold mine.  i am going to try breads on the machine dough cycle also. however, for the new year, i also plan to try breads using my food processor for mixing.

hope you enjoy the site as much as i do.