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Dutch Oven 6.5 qt Tramontina Cast Enameled $35(maybe?). Free store pick up. Test Kitchens best buy.

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Dutch Oven 6.5 qt Tramontina Cast Enameled $35(maybe?). Free store pick up. Test Kitchens best buy.

I periodically peruse for the 6.5 Qt Tramontina Cast Iron Dutch Oven. At the price of $50, it is said to compare very favorably to the many times more expensive Le Creusets, Staubs, etc.

Last night, I clicked on the item, showing it's $50 price, and scrolling down the item page to the "People Who Bought This Item Also Bought" section, or the "What Was Ultimately Purchased By People Who Viewed This Item" section, the same item showed at $35. I thought that was pretty good, so I decided to sleep on it. When I checked back later own, the $35 no longer showed. Well, I decided to check again later on, and this time, the $35 price showed, so I decided I would get it.

I have a nice little oval 4.5 qt Colorcast, but sometimes it's just not big enough, mainly when I want to brown a lot of meat, etc., so I've been looking to pick up a larger one when the price was right. Plus my bread machine is on the fritz, so I figure I'll be making a lot more no knead recipes. I've been baking breads for about 8 months now, but still not yet into hand kneading(too much). Wish I could afford a Kitchenaid.

America's Test Kitchen gave the Tramontina it's best buy recommendation.

Remember to remove/replace the handle for high oven temperatures over 400 or so, but that's true for even the $230 Le Creuset.


Portion of order acknowledgement email. Item will be picked up at store, so it won't be ready untila about Jan 7 or so. I will be cruising the thrift shops between now and then(when convenient) to see if I come across a better bargain. If so, I'll just let the Tram go back.

Items Qty Arrival Date Price
Dutch Ovens
  (Tramontina 6.5-Qt. Cast Iron Dutch Oven, Green)
1 Should arrive for pickup between Thursday, 01/07/10, and Wednesday, 01/13/10. $35.00

Order Summary
Order Date: 12/25/2009
Subtotal: $35.00
Shipping: $0.00
Tax: $2.10
Total: $37.10
Paypal: $37.10

Billing Information
Payment Method:   Billing Address:
Paypal   Paypal:xxx@xxx
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Thanks for that link. It may save those that may want it a lot of grief.

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Aldi has their Crofton 5 qt dutch ovens for $29.95 - this was a special a couple of weeks ago - they seemed to be of reasonably good quality. I don't need one , but was tempted. This was a special a couple of weeks ago, but there are likely some available at the stores. The Walmart special is a great deal, though!

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I was wanting one of these.

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Thank you so much!  I've wanted one of these but 50$ was just a bit "ehh" at this time of year.  Much as I hate the evil store I went ahead and got one.  Thanks for the tip. 

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i ordered the same one via wally world online site to store on 12/27. i received an email last night that it has arrived. i'm picking mine up tomorrow.


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Well, based on all the recommendations, I bought one of these Tramontina 6.5-Qt. Cast Iron Dutch Ovens and after two weeks, it finally arrived.

I opened the box and realized THIS THING IS HUGE!!! Looks like I'll have to double or TRIPLE any recipe I have to keep from having something the thickness of a short stack (of pancakes) when it comes out.

Can someone suggest some links to recipes that would work well in this pan? Especially the no-knead, ala Jim Lahey, breads.

Thanks and may your dough always rise!



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Congratulations on your new pot. You're lucky to have got one. I think they are sold out now. You're right though, it is a big much so that I don't want to risk burning it up baking breads at 500 deg. It has so many other uses. Remember to remove/replace handle if over 400 deg.

Breadtopia seems to have some of the most informative info and videos on no kneads. Maybe start out with the almost no knead recipes there using the parchment slings. The almost no kneads seem to be a little firmer, less likely to totally pancake. The parchment may also serve a little as a bake along couche to offer a little more support. Then move on to the basic no kneads there. There are several recipes and videos on the left side of the home page there. Really I think the links are on the left side of most of the pages there.

Almost no knead:

Basic no knead:

Then, if you're into sourdough, check out tfl member, hutchndi's stock pot loaves. I hope to be able to do those one of these days. Those are some big, beautiful, delicious looking loaves:

Finally, brush up on the Baker's math and make any size a recipe you desire.

Also, check out this little video on the Tramontina that I edited off my Tivo:





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Just wanted to add that Lahey's original NY Times formula prescribed a pot of 6-8 quarts.

Also, the almost no knead formulas mentioned above: check the sandwich loaf video/recipe. It's the same recipe, just makes a little more dough. Could also serve as a guide to increasing the dough yield for the basic and other recipes.

Original NYT no knead video:

Many other videos:;_ylt=A0SO8Z2RKEtLZhYAXgD7w8QF;_ylu=X3oDMTBrajU1YjNvBHNlYwNzZWFyY2gEdnRpZANWMTA5?p=no+knead+bread&fr=slv8-tyc7&ei=utf-8&fr2=tab-web&n=21&tnr=21&y=Search