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Crispy Kaiser rolls

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Crispy Kaiser rolls

How do you make a cispy light Kaiser roll. Most of the recipes we have tried, to a "T", come out with what I call a near crumbly outer shell, hard bottom, and dense insides. Not at all like the rolls we have known in NJ. We now live in Arkansas and are craving the enjoyment of a buttered roll.

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See this link: March 3 should be a TFL holiday! 

The formula is from Norm Berg (nbicomputers) who is a retired NYC baker. The rolls are somewhat dense but delicious.

Forming the rolls in the authentic manner may also be of interest to you. Norm made a video of this:The right way to shape a kaiser roll.  

These rolls are best eaten the same day they are baked. They stale rather quickly. If you are planning on baking ahead, the rolls do freeze well.



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Reinhart's BBA Kaisers are great also.

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My family love the KA Flour "Kaiser Roll" recipe. It always turns out very light and has a delightfully crisp crust.