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Yeast Conversion Chart

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Yeast Conversion Chart

Every once and a while I see a yeast conversion question, so here is a conversion chart that I found on one of my instant yeast packages. I hope it helps!


Fresh Yeast      to     Instant Dry Yeast

1oz (28g)         =     1/3oz (9g)

4oz (113g)       =      1 & 1/3oz (38g)

8oz (227g)       =      2 & 2/3oz (76g)

1lb (454g)        =      5 & 1/3oz (151g)

3lb (1361g)      =      1 lb (454g)



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Hi,I'm new and italian :) so please forgive my english.

Your convertion chart is precious to me because where I live I find only instant yeast but of two kind : one to be activated in water and another to be added directly in the flour.

Is the one in the chart the first one?

Thank's and Merry Christmas to all of you :)

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the yeast that must be dissolved in water is Active Dry Yeast, and the amount to use is 50% of the fresh yeast amount. So if a recipe calls for 28g/1oz of fresh yeast, you should use 14g of Active Dry Yeast, or 9g of Instant Yeast, which may be added directly to the flour.

Stan Ginsberg 

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Stai pensando di lievito secco attivo e lievito istantaneo. Il lievito che si attiva in acqua è chiamata attiva lievito secco. L'altro tipo che viene aggiunta alla farina il lievito è chiamata instant. C'è un altro tipo che si chiama lievito fresco. Questo grafico non ha ancora attiva lievito secco.

Per rispondere alla tua domanda Luciana che non è la prima. Il primo è un diverso tipo di lievito chiamato lievito fresco. Si tratta di solito in un blocco.

Spero che lei ha avuto un Buon Natale!


You are thinking of active dry yeast and instant yeast. The yeast that is activated in water is called active dry yeast. The other kind that is added to the flour is called instant yeast. There is another kind that is called fresh yeast. This chart does not have active dry yeast.

To answer your question Luciana that is not the first one. The first one is a different kind of yeast called fresh yeast. It usually comes in a block.

I hope you had a Merry Christmas!

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Thank you so much for translating .You are very kind :)

I have the yeast problem,aswell as finding special flour, where I actually live (Kuwait) In Italy I find the fresh one practically everywhere.

Thank's again and Buon Natale :)

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I could of used this yesterday...thanks for posting...


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Thank you :)